Supporting Intellectual Properties

The late Dr. Ali Moussa founded Altavion in March 2000 – previously, Dr. Moussa had co-founded Quintet, Inc. in 1994.

He led its successful development of patented Biometric Real-Time Handwritten signature verification and, in 1999, Dr. Moussa became its President/CEO.

With approaching 30 years of senior management and technical experience working at National Semiconductors, Ricoh Corp., Exar Corporation, Marconi, and ITT, he co-authored 4 US patents.

He held a PhD from the Teesside University, UK and MS, and BS Hon. Degrees, from Alexandria University, all in Electronics Engineering.

Below is a brief overview of the aforementioned patents:

Dynamic Signature VerificationUS Patent # 5,680,470
Plurality-Factor Security SystemUS Patent # 6,035,406
Automated verification and Prevention of Spoofing for Biometric DataUS Patent # 5,987,153
Secure Applications of SealsUS Patent # 5,956,409