Dr. Ali Moussa’s Vision

A progressive young Egyptian keenly studied both in Egypt (BSc (Hons) from Alexandria University) and the North East of England (PhD from Teesside University) before relocating to Silicon Valley, California in the 1980s.

Spending invaluable time with U.S. companies such as Ricoh, Marconi and National Semiconductor, he developed unrivalled specialist knowledge in authentication and verification technologies, and this led to Dr. Ali Moussa’s unrelenting passion to develop innovative, immediate-verification document fraud detection software solutions for the 21st century.

Dr. Moussa co-authored 4 U.S. patents (more info) and, as an idea architect, he knew he was onto something significant…better than fraud ‘markers’ on paper currency!

Dr Ali. Moussa - Nexstamp

But surely the existing Digital Signature Standard had this covered? – a digital signature being an electronic form of data associated with electronically transmitted documents to verify the sender’s identity: encrypted with one key — called the Private Key — and can only be decrypted with another key, called the Public Key.

However, it is impossible to have digital signatures — such as your initials and your signature — appear on digital documents in the same way handwritten signatures do on paper documents.  Consequently, digital signatures are always separated from their corresponding digital documents, instead of being an integral part of the document.  Until now!

And here’s how

NexStamp solved this perplexing problem by employing its revolutionary Digital Stamping Technology (which will detect any alteration — down to the size of a pixel — in a stamped digital document), and implementing the Digital Signature Standard within its Digital Stamps, which subsequently appear on each page of a stamped digital document.

In today’s world, having signature(s) on each document page as a part of the page is critically important for government entities and corporations to protect their documents and records (a record being an archived file) against ‘hacking’ and fraud (now, and for the years and decades to come, in the ‘digital’ 21st century).

So now, and for the first time ever, the signer of a digital document can have multiple and unique Digital Signatures appearing on each page of the signed digital document, so that each such page of the digital document rightfully becomes Self Attested – as it is so with each initialed and signed page of your paper documents.  Furthermore, each stamped page of the digital document rightfully becomes Self Authenticated – just like the paper currency in your wallet.

Dr. Moussa’s vision and ambition allows NexStampUK to provide both licensable technologies and a licensable product for the creation of digital original and forgery-free documents.  NexStampUK is keen to hear from key market segment organisations who can appreciate the value — and immense possibilities — of this innovative approach by offering a pre-emptive strike against fraud in digital documents, regardless of printed source language.

Imagine a world where stamped digital records can be stored with such total peace of mind that they
are known to be Digital Originals — records, agreements, or documents — and, as such,
can be 100% trusted

Dr. Ali Moussa